Vote this year as if the world depends on it, because it does.

In three weeks, our country will elect new leadership for our local, state and national governments. Many people have said this is the most important election of our lifetime, and I totally agree. Considering what is at stake in the election, I strongly, passionately, emphatically encourage everyone to vote and make your voice heard. It is one thing we can do that will make a difference in this important crossroads for our democracy and for all life on earth. 

What is at stake is life on the planet as we know it. Because of the growing human population and because us humans have been burning fossils fuels at an ever-increasing rate, the earth is quickly warming. Millions of life forms are at risk of extinction unless we radically change our ways. Time is running out. Climate scientists tell us we must dramatically reduce climate emissions by 50% over the next 10 years to have any chance at all of avoiding an environmental collapse. If we are paying attention, we can see the effects of climate change all around us today. I encourage you to vote for leadership that will move our country towards solutions. Enough of the denial already. 

The government can make a difference. Let’s support leaders who will move the country in the direction of environmental survival, economic justice, racial justice, gender justice, and educational justice.  It’s time for courage, determination and persistence. It’s time to stand up and vote to protect our future.  Please make sure you vote and make sure your family and friends and co-workers all vote this election. 

I started Ecohouse Solar in 2008 because it was something I could do to reduce the use of fossil fuels. I thank all of our customers who have made the decision to put solar panels on their homes and businesses over the last 12 years.  While it has been great to put up solar panels every day, and wonderful to see renewable energy growing each year, we need to speed up this transition to clean energy by voting for leaders who will do just that. Let’s speed it up. We are running out of time. 

Make sure you vote for the Democrats in three weeks. Our future depends on it. 

If you need more information about the looming climate crisis and mass extinction, see David Attenborough’s new film: A Life On Our Planet, or watch the TED COUNTDOWN.