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What Our Clients Are Saying

Jeremy Saunders

I'll start out by saying that a five star review for our install doesn't even begin to cover how great our install process was. I was given Mike Hopper's number from a friend at work who highly recommend Ecohouse for us in early March 2022. I called Mike right away and he was able to drive 45 miles to my house that same afternoon to take a look at everything and go over our options. He looked at and took pictures of our roof, electric panel, meter, and generator. I told him we were looking for a system with 100% offset. He got back with a recommended system for us within a couple of days and we moved forward from there. He has been with us since the beginning to answer questions and make sure things were going well for us throughout this process. Our system was installed and up and running on May 24th 2022. The install process took two days. The crew that showed up to do the install was just absolutely phenomenal. They took their time measuring where everything would go and ended needing to move a couple of panels based on changes I had mentioned with wanting to keep a walkway up to our chimney. They were able to make the changes and the final install looks great. They took extra time to make sure all of the panels lined up perfectly and even had to go back to move three panels over on the bottom row to the right about 3/4 of an inch. The guy installing all of the boxes to tie into the existing grid did a beautiful job. He took his time to bend all of the conduit perfectly and it blends in with the house like it had been there all along. In the end everyone was super great to work with. Mike, Patrick, RJ, Lance, Dan, and Toby keep up the great work and thanks for the beautiful install!


Ecohouse made it easy to get exactly what I wanted and took the time to explain the entire process from the initial phone call to the final sign off from the power company. The install team was awesome and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out, both aesthetically and performance-wise. There was a slight issue with the combiner box after installation but the Ecohouse team went above and beyond to ensure the system was operating as designed. I encourage anyone who is on the fence with going solar to call this company.

Rajeev Krishna

We worked with Mike Hopper as our install manager. It was a great experience. He did a thoughtful evaluation of the house, and gave a really clear calendar of what to expect and when, and the team pretty much met the timeframe they set except for fully predictable challenges around weather and approvals and such. They have gone out of their way to make sure any issues, even some that turned out to not be related to the install at all, were addressed or appropriately considered. Overall a great experience and I would highly recommend! We had a ~16kw system installed as well as a 240v line for an electric car charger.

Sam Stewart

Working with Ecohouse Solar and Mike Hopper was a great experience. Mike is very knowledgeable, clearly explained the system and helped us with the 30% tax credit that made this project financially possible. The work crew was very professional, efficient and friendly. The work was done promptly, and the clean-up was excellent. After we started the solar panel part of the project, we decided to add a Generac generator to the system. Mike worked really well with Mid-Ohio Generators to help with the hook up requirements. We strongly suggest that you think about a generator from the start. We are now not only producing our own electricity, but we are also covered in case of power outages. I recommend Ecohouse Solar enthusiastically and without any reservations. Sam Stewart

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