Earth Day, Climate Change, and Community

Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970, after it was created to draw attention to worsening environmental problems. Now, over 50 years later (yes, really), it seems to have been successful. Not only are environmental and conservation issues widely talked about – we have actually seen people work together to fix or lessen some of […]

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Climate vs Weather: What’s the Difference?

Climate and weather are closely related, but they are two different things. This has led to some confusion in the media and the general public – if the planet is warming, how can we have a colder than average winter? Weather is immediate, observable, and affects our day-to-day lives. We have a good idea of […]

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Spring Equinox – A History of Solar

Solar Technology – It’s older than you think! Solar energy was harnessed by humanity long before history was recorded. This started with the intentional use of fire – a release of temporarily stored solar energy used to light up the darkness and cook hunted and foraged food. Agriculture is just the intentional diversion of solar […]

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Black History Month

Black history is happening now, and this month we have highlighted Black scientists, business leaders, and community members who have contributed to knowledge, technology, and advocacy in the solar and green energy fields. People: Arthur Bertram Cuthbert Walker Jr. (Art Walker, to his friends) was an X-Ray Astrophysicist, former 1st Lieutenant of the Air Force, […]

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Solar Ambassadors

Five years into living with solar, Jeff and Sara are as enthusiastic about their system as they were when the panels were first installed. Speaking with them in their dining room, their faces just light up (well as much as you can see of them under their masks ). One of the first houses in […]

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Stop buying dirty electricity and Go Solar today.

As the new administration takes charge in our country, it is clear that slowing down climate change is high on their list of priorities. There are many benefits to this agenda, such as cleaner air and water, new jobs in the clean energy sector, and slowing down the effects of climate change.  There may also […]

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The Federal solar tax credit has been extended through 2023.

Ecohouse Solar was excited to learn the federal solar investment tax credit (ITC) was extended at the end of 2020. The ITC, which was initially going to begin phasing out at the end of 2020, received a much-needed two-year extension. The extension will provide an extra incentive for going solar until 2023.  Here are a few […]

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Ecohouse Solar’s Office Manager: Lily McBride

My name is Lily McBride, the new office manager at Ecohouse Solar, and I grew up an hour north of Columbus. Our founder, Kevin Eigel, likes to say that all environmentalists grew up on a creek but for me it was with a river at the bottom of the hill. I grew up spending my […]

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Vote this year as if the world depends on it, because it does.

In three weeks, our country will elect new leadership for our local, state and national governments. Many people have said this is the most important election of our lifetime, and I totally agree. Considering what is at stake in the election, I strongly, passionately, emphatically encourage everyone to vote and make your voice heard. It […]

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Ecohouse is committed to the highest level of service for our customers and to using high quality solar materials on all of our installations. Our work and our solar energy services in Columbus, OH, are designed to last for 25 years or more and come with warranties to match.

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