Brighter Days Are Ahead!

As we close out 2022, let’s take a moment to reflect on what this year has brought:

The extended solar tax credit:
Instead of waving goodbye to the tax credit after 2023, the tax credit has been increased back up to 30% and extended through 2032. Along with it comes rebates for efficient appliances and home insulation.

A big step forward for renewables:
The stress of global events and worrisome news about the Earth’s climate is undeniable, but the silver lining is that the demand for renewable energy has increased beyond any projections from a decade ago. Demand for solar increased 40% this year, and Ohio is still on track to see some of the biggest gains in solar capacity over the next few years. The International Energy Agency now predicts that solar capacity will triple by 2027.

Columbus is growing:
Columbus is among the fastest-growing big cities in the country! We’re seeing changes in many of our neighborhoods, both in Columbus and in surrounding areas. You can follow the Columbus Climate Action Plan here.

Ecohouse is growing too. Between climate initiatives and a growing population, we’ve seen a surge of interest in solar. We’re looking forward to moving into our new space in 2023. Stay tuned for updates!