As solar is becoming more and more affordable, it’s not uncommon for our customers to convince their family members to go solar. Seeing the installation on their family member’s home and hearing them brag about how much money they are saving each month quickly makes more solar converts. Ecohouse Solar has now had a number of families where multiple members of the same family have all decided to install solar panels on their homes. 

One such family is the Chaudhari family. Located in Upper Arlington, Dr. Chaudhari installed a PV system with Ecohouse Solar in 2018.  In 2019, his parents, also decided to install solar. 

Dr. Chaudhari’s home 

Parents of Dr. Chaudhari’s home

We interviewed Mohan Chaudhari (Father) about his decision to install solar on his home:

When did you decide to go solar?

We decided to go solar before we moved to Ohio in 2019. When we lived in Fresno, California, had two Tesla solar systems on our home for ten years. Because of our great experience with solar in California, we wanted to have solar on our home in Columbus. Also, our son had installed a PV system using LG solar panels with Ecohouse Solar in 2018 and had a good experience, so we decided to use them as our solar contractor as well. We also chose to use high efficiency LG solar panels.

What made you decide that going solar was the right step for you? 

We believe in the new technology as an alternate source of energy! In California, rebates by the State of California and the federal tax credit helped in our decision. We were able to get the 30% Federal Tax Credit again for the new PV system we just installed on our home in Ohio.

Do you think you would have considered going solar if your son had not installed it before you?

We had always planned to make our Columbus home run on solar. My son recommended Ecohouse Solar after they installed his solar electric system. We felt more comfortable about installing solar because our son installed solar on his new home and had a good experience. We realize solar is not as common in Ohio as it is in California, so we wanted a contractor we could trust. It turned out well, as Ecohouse Solar helped us navigate the details of the solar installation, which included trimming trees, and installing a 240 volt plug in our garage to charge electric vehicles. 

There are several other families in Columbus that Ecohouse Solar has worked with, where multiple family members have all used Ecohouse Solar to installed solar on their homes. Ecohouse is proud of this because it is a great referral when our customers recommend us to their own family members. Ecohouse Solar works hard to do each job correctly, and take into account the unique needs of each of our customers.