The first Ecohouse Solar Foundation project with the Mid-Ohio Habitat for Humanity

In 2019, Ecohouse Solar created the Ecohouse Solar Foundation and began contributing 5% of our annual net profit to the Foundation. The purpose of this Foundation is to make it easier for low-income homeowners in Central Ohio to purchase solar panels and solar energy.  The Foundation will contribute up to $5000 towards the cost of each residential solar installation. 

Recently, Ecohouse Solar completed a solar project in Newark, Ohio, partially funded through the Foundation.  The homeowner was Mr. Peter R., who recently completed his home through Mid-Ohio Habitat for Humanity. The Ecohouse Solar Foundation gave the homeowner a $5000 discount off of the total cost of a 4 KW residential solar electric system. The homeowner paid the remainder of the cost, and now has a high quality and long lasting solar electric system that will produce 90% of his electricity, for the next 30 years.  He will also receive the 26% Federal tax credit as well. This tax credit is available to any homeowner or commercial building owner who buys a solar electric system. 

Ecohouse Solar Foundation funds are now available to other Mid-Ohio Habitat for Humanity homeowners, starting this year.  Kevin Eigel, owner of Ecohouse Solar says: “We look forward to making solar energy available to more people who might not otherwise consider it as an option for themselves.  We want to see solar in every neighborhood in Central Ohio.”io.”