Stop buying dirty electricity and Go Solar today.

As the new administration takes charge in our country, it is clear that slowing down climate change is high on their list of priorities. There are many benefits to this agenda, such as cleaner air and water, new jobs in the clean energy sector, and slowing down the effects of climate change.  There may also be some pain points along the way, such as an increase in the cost of electricity purchased from electric utilities in Ohio.

The State of Ohio is the 5th largest consumer of electricity in the U.S. and currently 80% of that electricity is generated by burning coal and natural gas. In the coming years, many of the coal burning power plants in Ohio will shut down because they are too expensive to maintain and because they do not meet air quality standards. The investor owned electric utilities will either need to import more electricity from other states or build new and cleaner power generation facilities. The cost will be passed on to consumers.  AEP, the largest utility in Central Ohio, has said they expect their rates to increase significantly over the next 25 years. 

Buying electricity from an electric utility company month after month and year after year means that there is no end to those payments. It is similar to renting a property.  The payments never end, and inevitably go up over time! What do you get for all that money you give to your electric utility? You get electricity with a large carbon footprint and no return on your investment. 

On the other hand, if you decide to go Solar you will generate clean energy for at least three decades, at a fixed cost that will never go up. Your solar investment will also pay for itself over time. Unlike a normal electric bill, when you finance your solar system, there will be a point in time when those payments stop completely and you will own your solar electric system – which is producing clean and free electricity.  Also, if you sell sell your home, the value will be an average of $15,000 higher,  because you have a house that supplies it’s own clean energy. In addition, when you purchase a solar electric system you receive a 26% Federal tax credit (through 2022). What is not to like about this scenario?

Now is the time to Go Solar and stop contributing to climate change.  Contact Ecohouse Solar, the original solar company in Central Ohio,  for a free quote.