Customer Spotlight: Dr. Longya Xu

Dr. Longya Xu is an IEEE Fellow and professor at The Ohio State University. He became an Ecohouse Solar customer in 2015. We installed a 5.6 kW solar electric system on his home in Dublin consisting of 20 SolarWorld 280W mono modules with a SolarEdge 6000A inverter.

Ecohouse recently added squirrel guard to protect his solar investment.
We like to celebrate our customer’s success. . In 2018, Dr. Longya Xu won the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Nikola Tesla Award. Dr. Longya Xu received this award for his work in high-efficiency and high-reliability electric machine design and control techniques. These advances are being used in the development of electric vehicles and wind power technology.

Many of our customers are involved in advanced technology as part of their careers, and they are interested in the latest amazing solar technology and want to use it on their own homes. We make that possible by providing knowledgeable solar design and installation services in Central Ohio.

Congratulations Dr. Xu!!!