The Benefits of Solar Are Undeniable

You’ll save money and increase the value of your property while doing your part to slow climate change. Not all solar companies are equal. Ecohouse Solar, with its experience and customer-focused team, makes it easy to employ solar energy services in the greater Columbus, Ohio area. Be sure to sign up by labor day to complete your project by the end of the year, before the Tax Credit drops to 22%!

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Meet with our expert local team to assess your solar needs.

Custom Designed Systems

Our experienced local team understands that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to creating a solar panel system for your home.

Fast Installation

We install solar and EV stations in days.

Monitoring & Maintenance

We keep an eye on your system and support its performance with cleanings, check-ups, and preventative maintenance.

Honesty & Integrity

Our team of solar and EV station experts have deep experience and engage each project with care and passion. Honesty and integrity are key to our culture and long term relationships are part of our DNA.

Quality Products, Fair Pricing

We focus on a balance of high quality products and pricing. The details of each installation are important in both installation and products used all the way through the process.

Custom Designed Systems

Ecohouse ensures the proper design for each custom, unique solution specifically catered to your individual goals.

Federal Tax Savings

Cash in on on 26% Federal Tax Credit for your solar electric system.

Affordable Financing

There are multiple options for financing available to help defray the cost of your solar system.

Clean Energy Credit Union offers low cost financing for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficient Projects with no financing fees for 12. 15 and 20 years.

Sunlight Financial provides traditional financing for solar projects, offering loans up to 25 years, which allows you to get a lower monthly payment often below your average monthly electric bill.

Contact us today to learn more about financing options for your solar project.

Increase your Property’s Value by an Average of $15,000

National studies have shown that solar is an excellent investment that not only pays for itself over time but also increases the value of your property. If you sell your home, the home should sell for an average of $15,000 more with solar panels.

Reduce your Electric Bill by up to 100%

Solar panels offer so many benefits for your family—both economically and for your home’s value. Along with the federal tax credit, you also significantly reduce your utility bills.

Generate Income by Selling Excess Energy

When you produce excess power, it goes back to the grid, earning you credit from your electric utility.

Google Reviews

Joe Hahn (Perfect Timing Band)

These guys came out and repaired another companies mess and did it professionally and expertly. The cells are now working better that ever. They did a GREAT job and I would recommend them highly. Thanks Again!!!!

Jeff Steen

The whole crew at Ecohouse are one of the most professional contractors I have encountered. They kept us informed every step of the way, when they came out to install, very friendly / courteous bunch of guys. The guy that did the actual wiring - oh my gosh, he knew everything inside and out on what he was doing. Most credit to Mike Hopper as he was here every day of the install, answered whatever questions we had, made suggestions etc. Great overall experience!

Kurt Keljo

Ecohouse Solar repaired an old ground mounted solar system and added a new system mounted on the roof of our home. I really appreciated their responsiveness to my initial request and follow-up questions. They did the work for a great price, compared to other quotes we received and did a quality job. Our contact person, Mike, was well-informed and took the time to make sure I understood how the new system, as well as the repairs/upgrades to the old system, worked. I am grateful for their work and would recommend them to anyone looking to install a solar system.

Jeremy Saunders

I'll start out by saying that a five star review for our install doesn't even begin to cover how great our install process was. I was given Mike Hopper's number from a friend at work who highly recommend Ecohouse for us in early March 2022. I called Mike right away and he was able to drive 45 miles to my house that same afternoon to take a look at everything and go over our options. He looked at and took pictures of our roof, electric panel, meter, and generator. I told him we were looking for a system with 100% offset. He got back with a recommended system for us within a couple of days and we moved forward from there. He has been with us since the beginning to answer questions and make sure things were going well for us throughout this process. Our system was installed and up and running on May 24th 2022. The install process took two days. The crew that showed up to do the install was just absolutely phenomenal. They took their time measuring where everything would go and ended needing to move a couple of panels based on changes I had mentioned with wanting to keep a walkway up to our chimney. They were able to make the changes and the final install looks great. They took extra time to make sure all of the panels lined up perfectly and even had to go back to move three panels over on the bottom row to the right about 3/4 of an inch. The guy installing all of the boxes to tie into the existing grid did a beautiful job. He took his time to bend all of the conduit perfectly and it blends in with the house like it had been there all along. In the end everyone was super great to work with. Mike, Patrick, RJ, Lance, Dan, and Toby keep up the great work and thanks for the beautiful install!

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