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Ecohouse is a leading solar energy provider in Central Ohio.

We are proud to have installed solar on hundreds of homes and businesses in the 614 area.

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Since 2008, Ecohouse Solar has completed more than
300 solar installations in Central Ohio,
We are committed to reducing the effects of climate change
one solar electric system at a time.

Ecohouse Solar
1809 O’Brien Road
Columbus, OH 43228

Kevin Eigel, Founder & President

Kevin designed and built his own solar powered home in 2002. With this project, he developed a passion for energy efficiency and renewable energy. He has in-depth experience as a home energy auditor and solar panel installer. Kevin is NABCEP certified and loves helping people and businesses transition to clean energy.

Keith Dimoff, General Manager

Keith has 30 years of management, engineering, and government experience.  He’s dedicated to local solar, building on years of lobbying as Executive Director of the Ohio Environmental Council.  Keith has four years of solar experience, is NABCEP certified, holds a Civil Engineering degree from Ohio State, and has in-depth technical knowledge and policy expertise on energy and the environment.  Family, basketball, travel, and music round out his busy and satisfying work at Ecohouse.

Kurt Dieringer, Sales Manager

Professional designations and industry-related accomplishments:
I have two years of experience in solar and a total of four years in the clean energy industry. I focus on consulting with homeowners to create the best solar solution for their energy needs. A real hurdle that artificially raises the price of systems is the permitting process that most jurisdictions require. Because of a process that is behind the times, largely unnecessary and expensive, systems can cost as much as 5% more than they could otherwise. Lower cost, of course, translates to increased adoption, so fixing the permitting process is critical to growing rooftop solar. Outside of work, I love playing music and spending time with my family doing outdoor activities.

Jeff Miller, Residential Sales & Installation

At Ecohouse, I turn sales leads into solar projects, design systems, and assist with installation work (on the DC side). I have been in the solar industry for 14 months. HOA’s wield too much power, being able to deny homeowners the RIGHT to acquire solar – the rules need to be changed ASAP. Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, camping, playing music & going to concerts, tournament bowling, golfing, astronomy, and homebrewing.

Michael Brennan, Commercial Solar Sales

I have worked in the Solar Industry for more than five years. I started working with Dovetail Solar and then joined Ecohouse Solar one year ago. Because non-profit entities cannot avail themselves of the Federal Tax Credits or bonus depreciation schedules, they have a difficult time affording solar energy. If I could fix one thing in the solar industry it would be to find a way to make solar more affordable to nonprofit organizations including churches and municipalities. When not at work, I enjoy performing with Ohio Playback Theater, practicing Tai Chi and Chi Gong, and spending time with his three god-children.

Sean McGeehan, Solar Construction Manager

I have been working for EcoHouse Solar since January 2019.  I studied Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech and am currently taking classes with Solar Energy International to become a NABCEP certified installer. I arrange the shipment of construction materials and oversee our photovoltaic installations.  I want to see the deterrents to grid-tied solar production eliminated, the utility companies need to adapt to new distributed generation systems instead of discouraging renewable energy alternatives. When I’m not working, I love to run trails and cook– I make some mean guacamole.

Andy Kuss, Solar Project Developer

Andy brings a decade of experience in residential energy to the Ecohouse team and a passion for connecting homeowners with energy solutions that make positive impacts on their pocket books and the environment.  When not at work he enjoys playing with his two daughters, golfing, writing and playing original music, and working on house projects.

Sean Strothmann, Solar Installer

OSHA-10, Engineer-in-Training certification, bachelor in Civil Engineering. This is my first year in solar. I made the switch from a structural and HVAC background into renewables because I realized I wanted to use my design and hands-on skills to do good in the world. If I could fix one thing it would be the idea some have that solar is just something that they cannot afford. Solar is more affordable than most think, and everyone has a right to it. In my free time, I enjoy rock climbing and playing the fiddle.

Ecohouse is committed to the highest level of service for our customers and to using high quality solar materials on all of our installations. Our work and our solar energy services in Columbus, OH, are designed to last for 25 years or more and come with warranties to match.

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